Mine To Have By Ashley Nicole

Cop drama. Love. And all that good shit.

Let me start by saying, no, I’m not reviewing this book because we share the same first name! I’ve actually read almost all of her books. Let me rephrase, I’ve read ALL of her books. So its no surprise that I was too lit to see she had a new book!

Finished reading Mine to Have, which is actually a part two of the Mine Series (Mine to Keep was the first book that I also read), and it was really good. Was it clique? Sure. But the writing was good, the story line was really good and l loved the characters. Jayson first appears in Mine to Keep as the older brother to stalkee Jaylen, but he clearly was meant to have his own story, as Ashley Nicole brought him and Mellina to life.

So let me tell you what I liked. As a tall-ish girl, I love I when characters are tall too! Superficial, I know, but you always read these story of these 5’3 or 5’5 cute and tiny girls and Mellina just wasn’t! She’s tall 5’10, a police officer, wears a bun every day and has typical issues any normal person would have ala daddy issues, momma issues, man issues, work issues. If this isn’t a typical person, then I don’t know who is!! And she wasn’t this super ballsy girl or damsel in distress, she was a real person, who happened to meet a super fine man who basically had no flaws! Like, hello??!! Who doesn’t want that?

Next part I liked. The writing. We’ve all read a book and while the story was good, the writing was terrible. I’ll be honest, I’m a writing snob. Poor writing has me turning up my nose and tuning out. I remember one time when I was younger and I borrowed a book from the library, I actually got a pencil and started editing the book! For what? Who knows. It wasn’t like the author was going to get my notes. But I felt better with at least marking up the things that were wrong. Eh. Shame me. But the writing in this book was really good! And there weren’t these long boring monologues that have you wanting to skim ahead or put the book away. Good writing.

Now the other great thing about the story is that it a crime/love story. Jayson and Mellina are cops solving murder cases. I like these types of books, because it adds dimension to the characters. Reading another love story is boring. There are tons of those! But reading a love story about two cops, trying to solve murder cases, as multiple events hit them from all angles? Yup. You want to read that. And the supporting characters!! Ahhh I love Junie! She’s hilarious! I have a feeling she might get her own book. And the cray mom and the good girl cousin! Great character development all around.

One things that I didn’t like was the resolution to the crime. It’s not a big deal but it felt rushed/not expanded up. Like, ummm, killing spree here! Care to share more as to why? That what we’ve been damn near reading the whole about book about! So yeah. That I didn’t like. But it wasn’t such a big deal not to like the book.

Definitely recommend reading it though. If you want to, read the Mine to Keep, that’s also a good one. I’m not going to go back and write reviews on books I’ve already read cause that would take away time from reading new books! But I definitely recommend reading Mine to Keep and then Mine to Have, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Overall I give it 4/5 rating. I would read it again knowing what I know now.

Readers note. Sex scenes happen. So for mature audiences only. Put it this way, I wouldn’t want my 15-year-old cousin reading this. Grown folks only.

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