Ashley Reads Books.

So what's Ashley Reads Books?

Greetings. Ashley Reads Books is essentially what I think about books! I read a lot. Like a lot. Sometimes I have to go through other people’s reviews and ratings and use all of these measuring sticks to determine if reading this particular book by this particular author is worth my time. And not only that, just being aware of some nuances that I may encounter. Is the author’s writing blah? Is the plot boring but the premise good? Will I fall in love with the characters? Will I have to call off work tomorrow because I stayed up until 3am to finish this book and I couldn’t put it down? Curious minds need to know!!

So here’s Ashley Books. A space where I can talk about all the books I read, reflect on what I loved and what I hated, and just vent. Books make you feel things. At least good books do. And as a fan of reading and lover of a good story, why not share what I think?

I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the books I read. Never giving away the story because I hate it when people do that…or I’ll indicate spoiler alerts if I just can’t help myself!!

So welcome to Ashley Reads Books.

-Ashley B.

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