Something Like Love By Christina C. Jones

I loved it. And hated...the end.

Ugh. I hated the end. Yes, you read that correctly. I hated the end. I hated it because it left me feeling like, “That’s it?” I hate bookS that leave me like that unless there’s a part two. And it was pretty clear from the end of the book, that there is no part two. This was the end of the story, sure to updated in other people’s stories, as other characters have.

But let me preface by saying I love Christina C. Jones’ books. I love her stories so much, that I have read all with the exception of two books that she’s written. One was a paranormal, which I’m into-but just not from her, and the other was a short story that I think I read on her blog already. So needless to say, I’m a BIG CCJ fan. But I hated the way the book ended. BUT would I read it again? Absolutely. So the reason why…
This was first time that I’ve ever read a book in which the protagonists were queer. Technically bisexual. But still, it was completely unexpected! I’ve read over 25 books that CJC has written and having characters that challenge gender binary and other social justice issues??!!! WHAT?! Never. Very awesome to read as an ally. And while at first, while I started reading the story I felt thrown off, I was really intrigued about how this whole thing would turn out and would I connect with the characters and could I vibe? (Book reference you’ll get if you read the book!) And I did! I loved the story! It was like a rollercoaster of sex and passion and discovery and self-love and love and pride and life. And I really liked it. Hence my displeasure at the end. Its like getting on a roller coaster, screaming your head off and then its suddenly over and you’re like, whaaa? Das it? So would I read it again? Sure. Its not the first book that disappointed me in the end. But I’d read it knowing what I know because even though the end sucked, the ride was great. And what’s that saying, “Its better to have loved and lost…” well that this book for me. Love CJC. Love her stories. Looking forward to the next one. Pick this one up!

P.S. Adult content. Very grown up. 😉

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