"Falling in love with the stories in other people's heads"

Love By the Books-By Te Russ 

I was bored. There was sadly nothing fancy or really original about the story! Main character number one is a literary agent. Main character number two is a book store owner. They meet. They are attracted to each other. Life issues (her mother died of a drug overdose-his father disowned him for quitting his job as a teacher to become a book store owner<–who does that? He didn’t decide to sell drugs!! Ughh). But I wasn’t moved. As a reader, I need to be moved by the characters. I need to feel something. I need to hate them, love them, root for them or hope for their downfall. I have to feel some sort of emotion to get me excited about them and their story. Unfortunately, this story didn’t do it for me. I didn’t connect to the characters and for me that’s a no-no.

Oh and there was something weird about the writing. Nothing bad. But weird in the sense that it felt heavily edited. Like everything had to be perfect. Perfectly written. Perfectly spoken. Just perfect. And I appreciated that because the only typo I saw was with the wife’s name (not a big deals, I know!). But it felt really clean. But where was the emotion? The feelings? The I can’t put this down, someone help me its too good!! That just wasn’t there for me.

All in all. I’d say, skip it. Nothing to see here.

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