Heated Harmonies by Alexandra Warren

It's 5a and I just finished Heated Harmonies by Alexandra Warren.

It’s 5a and I just finished Heated Harmonies by Alexandra Warren. Yes I’m one of those self torture types who starts books at midnight and then can’t put them down. I actually tried to go to sleep but couldn’t. So I figured, why not read more? And here I am at 5a writing the review in the dark on my phone. Cause I want y’all to feel me as I write this.

I’ve read all of Alexandra’s books. She actually has this one series that’s four years of college about this one couple that I loved!! It’s called Attractions and Distractions. Fitting right? But anyways, I don’t have to read the reviews or wonder, will I like this book of Alexandra? Of course I will. I’ve liked 98% of her books. (Nobody’s perfect.) And this one was no different. Now one might say, “oh no surprises in this one!” Or “typical story” but that’s where you’ve got this all wrong. Alexandra has character development!! Let me start.

This book focuses on Zalayah and Gabe. Zalayah is a big pop star alá baby Beyoncé or Pon de Replay Rihanna. She’s super famous but looking to switch up her sound. Say Rihanna’s SOS to Beyoncé’s Yonce. So she finds a guy who’s produced a couple of tracks that she loves. She love his beats, his style, all of it. Except he’s not feeing her or her music, like at all! Gabe is honestly a jerk! But not without reason. Nevertheless, this story is about them. About how they vibe and create both music and love. And I felt them. I could feel their emotions. It just rang true for me in a way that makes me feel like Tyra Banks when she went off on that model and said “I was rooting for you!” I rooted for these characters! I loved them, their story, their connection. I felt love. Their love.

Now a reason I mentioned character development is because this isn’t the first time we’ve “met” Zalayah. She’s mentioned in a couple of Alexandra’s previous novels. (Which you should read cause they’re GREAT!). So reading her story now felt like getting the whole story and getting to know her, which I loved. And so I really liked this book. It’s simple but it’s lovely.
Side note: I totally get why artist fall for their producers! How could they not? Especially those that sing love songs?? Hello!!?! I get it!



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