Bloggers Can’t Be Trusted by Starrene Rhett Rocque

Who knew the blogging world was so full of drama!!??

From jump, the title got me. Like a moth to flame I just had to read the description. Feeling like it was cool enough to invest the hours it takes to read a book. I went in and came out with no regrets!!

I’ve never read a book by this author or heard of her. And I love discovering new people’s work to fall in love with!

I’ve always wanted to be in a relationship with a famous person!! Imagine the lights, the traveling, the parties!! Turn up for real!! The entertainment industry for an outsider seems cool! But as they say, everything that glitters ain’t gold.

This story is primarily about an urban magazine writer named Nyaella. She grew up with really steady parents, both professionals and encouraged her to do what she love. Whatever it is. And writing is her thing. She loved working at Spark magazine. Until she hated it. Mainly because of the jerk boss. But the work still gave her passion when she wasn’t being coerced into writing about cheesy gossip and non factor famous people for numbers.

Olu Major. London born. Actor turn rapper is interviewed by Nyaella for a freelance job for GQ magazine. Eventually they see each other again at an industry party and they begin their courtship. But it’s not without major drama, blog wars, and exes that they battle to be together.

But honestly who knew blogging could bring such drama. With eyes everywhere and folks quick to write a story, regardless of the truth, drama is bound to happen!! And when you’ve got a crew of folks quick to fight, you know it’s gonna be good!!

Overall I really like the book! Olu is probably the only decent famous rapper in the world. He’s sweet, honest, smart and basically the famous guy I’d want to be with, without the drama!! And Nyaella is every girl out there who just needs to believe in her skills more. But she’s real. Natural hair, quirky and a fighter!! She’ll put the paws on you!! (Scrappy voice) Overall, It was good! And I’d like to read more from this author! Good writing and story. Entertaining all around!!


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