Bad Boys Do It Better by Porscha Sterling

Who doesn't love a bad boy?

Every once in a while I enjoy a good ole “Urban” romance novel. What’s an urban romance novel? Usually a book that contains a lot of profanity, crime, elicit behavior, sex, and violence. But take all of these factors/topics and have a really great author and viola! Magic!! You have a gritty street romance novel with characters you’ll love to hate and hate to love. Bad Boys Do It Better by Porsha Sterling is a perfectly told street drama. You fall in love with the characters, story line and only end up wanting more!

The story has multiple characters, however the book is primarily centered around two; Luke “Outlaw” Murray and Janelle Pickens. Outlaw is the baby of a crime family of five brothers (six technically, one passed away) and Janelle is the daughter of a world renowned lawyer an up and coming recent law school grad herself. While some might call this typical story of good girl and bad boy, this is definitely not it. It’s more of a good girl, has everything going for her. Bad boy, life is exactly as he wants it to be. But what happens when you meet the person you’re not supposed to be with? The person who’s basically wrong for you? But for some crazy reason you just can’t stay away? Why can’t he stay away from her? He’s an outlaw and she’s a lawyer! She can bury him and his family. And she can’t be with a member of a crime family, she works in the district attorney’s office. They are completely wrong for each other. They shouldn’t be together. They should walk away and never speak. But what happens when you just can’t?

I love this book. Love. And I go back and reread my favorite parts. So if the urban romance novel, as described above, isn’t a deterrent to you, read read read!!! And the best part, there’s a part two!!! *Died*

Your welcome.


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