Work Song by Danielle Allen

When work and love collide...do dreams die?

I recently saw “Love andBasketball” for the millionth time (like most black folks!). It’s a cult classic. And one thing that I remember was the part when Sydney got a desk job. She felt like basketball wasn’t fulfilling when she didn’t have the man she loved. Of course she finally got the guy, and gets back to playing ball like she wanted. She gets to have it all. This book is not a remake of “Love snd Basketball”. But it’s a story about going for what you want no matter what the obstacles may be, or what anyone says, go for yours!

So I hate to give away any parts of a book. I like for folks to read books or watch movies like I watch them, with very limited information, but with a semblance of guidance of how the story goes. This book is thick in emotional details and provides great context for who the main characters, Tatiana, specifically, are.

The Book:

This story is about Tatiana and Wes. Movie buffs, who work for a sports magazine ala ESPN and Sports Illustrated, but on opposite coasts, NY and LA, respectively. One day, their buddying romance grows from daily quirky emails to hours long phones to eventually, one of them moving to the same city as the other. Obviously, this is a love story. But unlike most love stories, the characters have depth. Tatiana is a plus size, fashionista receptionist with dreams of becoming a big time sports writer. She loves sports so much, she goes to football games by herself and is often found at a sports bar or in front of some television on Sundays or Monday Night Football. She’s smart, empowered and really takes shit from no one. Love is literally her one flaw. Not in sense of she can’t find love, but in that she feels she’s incapable of loving someone. You always hear love is all consuming. You feel it everywhere and that there’s just something about that other person that completes you. But if you feel like you couldn’t love someone like that and you’ve had the chance and didn’t, you feel like your theory is confirmed. She’d been in a long term relationship and she wasn’t in love. So what does that mean? It means you keep things simple and uncomplicated. You’ve got goals, and falling in love is just not something that’s on your radar.

I’d share about Wes, but learning about him in the book is one of the best parts about reading the book. Figuring out why someone likes you is emotionally fulfilling. So read the book!

So what happens when “work best friends” become something “more”? There’s rules against fraternization in the work place! And when one person doesn’t want to risk it all, will they give up love for the career of their dreams? This is what happens when real life social justice gender issues, childhood dreams, and questioning your capacity to love come together.

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