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Why I Love Desiree’s Books

Nothing better than good ole "Urban Fiction"

I have a very “eclectic” taste in books. I’ll read sci-fi, romance, biographies and whatever else I find interesting. It wasn’t until I subscribed to kindle unlimited that I expanded my interests to even more books that I probably wouldn’t have read, but did because they were 1. Already included in my subscription and 2. Because they constantly cycle in the book carousel when you go to the opening page. This is how I came to read one of my favorite genres “Urban Fiction” (See my Porscha Sterling post for a definition). One of the first books I read was by an author unknown to me named Desiree. I saw this book on the carousel called “The Carter Boys”

I immediately assumed it would be a hood drama. Full of violence and drama. And I was right. There was violence and drama. BUT! It was great story telling! Here was this random book I ran across by a random author. She wasn’t Brenda Jackson or Francis Ray or L.A. Banks (RIP). She was completely unknown to me. But I became obsessed with her books! Here I was reading these stories based on a place I had never been (Atlanta), with the types of people I’ve never interacted with, with drama I’ve never experienced in my whole life! And I loved it. So after reading the Carter Boys 1-4, books on a famous family of Atlanta rappers and the drama surrounding their lives, I looked for more of her books. I had to back peddle into “For Love of the ATL” based on black students in college, hood kids, and everything that happens when their lives cross paths.

So after reading these two series, there was more!! Then there were “The Carter Girls” followed by “Not Another Thug Story” and more! Which brings me to today, “The Sky Sisters” released Sunday, June 18th.

“The Skye Sisters” is the latest book by Desiree and of course I finished it in two days! She writes these interwoven stories about people who are experiencing REAL LIFE. The things that happen to people in all of her books are, in my mind, based on a true story! People have drama, sought and unsought. And in between all the hardships and hurdles we have to overcome, there is love and happiness and joy. What I love about her books is she keeps it real. She will kill your favorite people, break up your favorite couple, and just end people stories in a way you wouldn’t want it to end, but it does. Cause real life isn’t pretty, it’s not perfect, and you don’t always get what you want. So I love her books for keeping it real.  And not only real, but entertaining as hell!! Her books are funny and dramatic, all in one. I love it when I can convince someone to read her books and then I can talk to them about! It’s like sharing gossip about someone you know in common and can’t believe what is happening. Her books are the best.

I highly recommend her books if you have the emotional maturity to read books for grown ups. Because she writes in a way that’s gritty and raw and authentic. Yes there’s cursing, sex and violence (and typos). But she writes about real life. Where sh*t ain’t always pretty. So if this ain’t for you, keep it pushing. Plenty of other books to read. 🙂

For all of Desiree’s books click here!

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