Relationship Status 1-3 By Deshon Dreamz

It had all the potential to be a great story...

Drugs, obsession, love and the typical hood-esq drama. I have to be honest. I didn’t like it. I read all three books in the series, as they were basic enough to get through, and it was just blah. The books center around three characters, Keyton, Lemonte and Demaeco, and their female counterparts, Tori, TaNia and Winter. The story line is essentially, boy meets girl in high school, fall in love, get married, all while building a drug empire with his best friends.

Now at first, book one started really good. It told the story of a young man, Keaton, who is a boss in his own right, and is deeply in love with his wife Tori. Because of his “business ties” she is brutally attacked, while pregnant, and loses the baby. Their story is really one of love and forgiveness and commitment. I really like their story.

The story line of the other two couples is also good. They’re interesting and dynamic and people with emotions. But the reason I didn’t like this series is honesty because of the writing. There was only one flash back, which consisted of Keyton and Tori and that was it! This was a couple who met in high school! Tell me what happened! How did Keyton get into the “game”? How did they fall in love? And what about Lemonte and TaNai? They met in high school too! What was their story like? Why didn’t they get together before? Such missed opportunities in story telling. Halfway through book two, it got sloppy. The story felt stretched out and some scenes felt like fillers. Book three was the worse. It was just full of unnecessary sex scenes and a ridiculous amount of typos. Like, bruh, you didn’t event reread this once did you?

Overall I just rushed to finish the last book so that I could just get to what happened. I genuinely liked the characters and was disappointed that the author didn’t put in the time to really develop them and their stories. And even more annoying, clearly didn’t have an editor to check for the simplest typos. As a reader, I should never get confused because the author failed to edit their work.  Tisk tisk.


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