The Lover by Nia Forrester

First line of the story, "She wanted babies" Get comfortable. This is gonna be a good one!


“She wanted babies”

That is how this book starts! I read the description of the book and it describes it as this tale of a hard to get woman who needs a strong man who can take her on. And this is the first line of the book. I knew, at this moment, I was in for tale.

The Lover is essentially the story of Ryann and Spencer. (Okay, one thing I hate about books that have funky spelling names for their characters is that sometimes I don’t know how to pronounce them. Is it pronounced Ryan, but spelled differently? Or Ry Anne? Nia what is it? I read in my head!) Ryann is a fundraiser for large organizations, non-profits, and special needs projects like homelessness, domestic violence victims and more. For the most part, she has a very solo life. She has only one good friend, she and her mother are estranged and she has a brother who’s in a “situation”. So at 35 years old, she decides that she wants a baby. She’s single. No prospects. She just decides she wants a baby! In some ways, I empathize with her. As a single, childless, 33 year old woman, I want a baby too! But um, not like dis. 🙂

So in comes Spencer. Spencer Hall (with the college dorm name) is a self-made man. He is a co-founder of a coalition that aims to ease formerly imprisoned men transition back into society. They do counseling and therapy, help them find jobs and anything else that supports their successful transition into society. He also owns a house-flipping company, through which he also employs many of the men that he works with in his coalition. But in his personal life, he’s the youngest of three and only boy. He’s had personal issues with his own parents in very different ways that shaped him into who he’s become. However, he’s the type of guy that goes for what he wants, is patient enough to know when to strike, and is they type that can read a woman’s vibes. He is super tuned into Ryann in a way we can only hope our partners can be! Ladies!!

One of the reason that I liked the book is because it wasn’t conventional. It wasn’t this straight to the finish line love story. It was complex. It showed that love and romance don’t just consist of two people, its two people and their baggage. Its the poor relationships that they’ve had with their parents, their friends, siblings and just the world. We all come into our relationships with these things that have formed us into who we are. And so this is the story of a man and a woman, who’ve got stuff. They have stuff they haven’t worked on and unpacked. And those things are impacting what could be the greatest relationship of their lives. Its the type of book that kinda makes you want to look at your own stuff, and be like, “Damn what do I need to work on?” I love books that do this because it only reinforces the idea in my mind that I need to work on my shit. I have to clear the clutter before I have room for love. So this story is about that process for two people, afraid of commitment, one wants a baby and the other is the perfect specimen. What happens when a simple hookup comes during that time of life evaluation and crisis? This happens. The Lover.


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  1. Thank you, Ashley! Such a wonderful and incisive review, and the best I’ve gotten to date because it totally “gets” what I was trying to say. So pleased you decided to read and review me!

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