Disasters in Dating by Danielle Allen 

Why does love always involve disaster??

Meet Desiree. 30 years old, Life Coach and newly-ish single Black woman looking to get back into the dating scene. But times have changed. Dating has moved from the traditional bar/club scene to everyone’s favorite place; online. Online dating is booming. And any one in the 30+ age range has tried it at least once. Let’s be real, we have all had a Tinder account at one point in our lives; we’ve all swiped left and right. But online dating can be really intimidating! Here you are admitting to strangers that you’re single and looking. And not only are you looking, you couldn’t meet someone out in the “regular” world, so here you are online. Talk about desperate! Just kidding! After this book I’m legit going to do online dating. I’m inspired!!

So here’s Desiree, putting herself out there after being in a decade long relationship. She has basically never dated as an adult! And let’s be real, 10 years ago online dating wasn’t really a thing. And folks were still meeting each other at clubs, bars and school. But imagine totally missing that transition to hook up culture, f*ck boys, ghosting, and a whole slew of terrible dating habits. Its like going to sleeping and missing the last 10 years, and asking people what Trap Music is, what’s Migos, and what does it mean to be Bad and Bougie? She’s not totally clueless, but she just didn’t have to pay attention.

What I really loved about this story is that its essentially a journey of a woman who’s kinda looking for love but really looking for companionship. But if you’ve ever dated online, even just looking (like me!), you know that its easier said than done. There’s are a bunch of guys out there who are looking for easy sex, married guys, ugly guys, guys who lie about how they really look, and just terrible human beings. They’re out there and they’re ALL dating online. I pray to Black Jesus, baby Jesus, and regular Jesus that he protects me from the aforementioned type. And I loved this book because I loved Desiree’s character. She’s a normal person who’s got her ish together. She’s got a great job, great friends, her body is right and so is her mind. But her love life…ehhh, not so much!

There are so many things to love about the book! After recently reading a blah book with terrible writing, I appreciated this story so much! The characters and character development was great! The storyline draws you in and makes you want more and the overall story makes you connect with the characters. This is the type of book that us single ladies need! Read it folks. Trust me.


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