Love in the Red Zone by Love Belvin

When life is a mess and love is messy and you're a mess. Love is Patient. Love is Kind...1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Love Belvin is one of my top Five favorite authors. I swear this woman writes books that draw me in, wrap me in a cocoon and keep me obsessively reading for hours on end. Its 3am and I have to go to work? Oh well! I have to keep reading!! I swear y’all, book cocaine.

So Love in the Red Zone is ANOTHER great book by Love Belvin. It focuses in on two characters Jade and Trent, two seemingly different people who would, from an outside perspective have nothing in common, but in actually have tons in common. To be honest, its like they fill each other, in the empty spaces in their hearts. Cheesy description, but true. Its essentially a story of how two people that need each other. And not in a corny way, like I can’t live without you, but in a I need you to be better, I need you to be greater. These two really need each other. Reading this book felt like being a voyeur. Like watching these two strangers fall in love and and its sweet and imperfect and sexy and sad. And you’re all in your feelings because you want them to win.

Jade is a single mom raising her six year old son on her own. She’s in her mid-twenties and is in school to become a nail technician. But life has been pretty hard and she’s has had a really tough time. Her son’s father is in jail, and she’s on the brink of getting evicted from her apartment.

Trent is more of mystery. He’s a former NFL player who’s reason for being a former player are a little sketchy in the beginning. He’s no longer in the league and helps his friend out by being an unofficial coach for a kids’ football league. He doesn’t want anyone to notice him, so he stays away from the parents, grows a thick beard and covers his head. He’s just trying to live his life, put his faith in God, and trains for a chance to one day make it back into the league.

One day, their paths collide and providing a helping hand turns into life altering circumstances. Here you thought you were doing someone a quick little favor, and its not so little anymore, and you can’t see yourselves without each other. And this isn’t a fairytale of and they lived happily ever after, its a story of being broken and rebuilding together.

My favorite parts of this story is that the characters are so complex. Here are Trent and Jade, two people who just got regular life issues, right? Wrong! They have parental issues, money issues, self-esteem issues and more. Love Belvin humanizes people to that you feel the Trent and Jade’s issues like they’re your own. I connect with the characters because of the way the story is written and I can’t help but to empathize with them. I want them to win!

So I actually re-read this book two days ago because this is the first book in what is now a four-book series Love Belvin is doing with Christina C. Jones (also one of top five authors). The series is called Connecticut Kings. This book is Book 1. Book 2 is Love in the Highlight Reel by Christina C. Jones. Book 3, Determining Possession, also by CJC was released yesterday and is my next read!! Too excited to read that one! But the series starts off so strong y’all! I loved Jade and Trent. And I’m too pumped that Book 4 is the continuation of their story!! Ahhhh!! It comes out August 1st!

Until then…happy reading!

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