Love on the Highlight Reel by Christina C. Jones

I want a fine football player to chase after me!!

Love on the Highlight Reel is Book Two in the Connecticut Kings series. This one is by Christina C. Jones. I freaking loved Nicole (Cole) and Jordan. Let’s be real, ladies, we’ve all had a fantasy of dating a football player. No matter the stereotypes of their hoeish ways, we’ve all looked at a football player’s booty and tilted our heads, at least once! So imagine reading this story of a fine chocolate skinned football player with dimples!! Lawd, I could only imagine!

This book is about Nicole (Cole) and Jordan. Nicole, who goes by Cole, is an assistant director of player success for her father’s NFL team, the Connecticut Kings. Her job is essentially making sure that the players are on their Ps and Qs, in all aspects of their lives. She’s passionate and dedicated to her job and takes it very seriously.

Jordan is one of the star players of the Connecticut Kings. He one of the best, if not, the best wide receiver in the league and he knows it. He comes from a legacy of athletic excellence, as his father as also a star football player and expects nothing but the best. But the thing about Jordan is that he’s kinda pissed. He’s putting in all the work, ever since QB and bestie Trent (From Love in the Red Zone!) was removed from the team, and now the team sucks.

So here you have two strong minded individuals. Cole, who is responsible for Jordan in all areas. This includes dragging him out of a strip club in the early hours of the morning. And Jordan, star player, refuses to be dominated and controlled. But one thing that can’t be controlled, is passion and attraction. So what happens when reputation is everything in a male-dominated field? When double standards can easily make a woman a hoe? Or when you want everyone to know she’s yours, but she’s scared? Love happens y’all!

Okay, so when I read this book, I was jealous of Cole. I want a fine football player to chase after me!! LOL. But honestly, this story was great. I loved the characters. I loved their chemistry and I loved this story. Ugh, such a good book!

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