Determining Possession by Christina C. Jones

When everything is falling apart, you always need a friend. ;)

Imagine you’re happy. Like perfectly happy. Your job is going great, your family is happy and healthy, you’ve got great friends and you’re in love. Of something is going to fall apart! Freakin life.

Meet Wil. Gold medal olympian, television journalist, and she’s engaged to her long-time boyfriend. Life is good. So imagine her shock when two days before her wedding, she discovers that her fiance has been unfaithful. But she doesn’t learn this alone. She sees the damaging evidence on television, along with the rest of the world. Yes folks, she’s publicly humiliated, cheated on and beyond anything else, she’s hurt. He was the love of her life, and now he’s broken her.

Side note: If I’m ever in a relationship and my man cheats on me, I want jack his stuff up like Wil does. I wanna take his most valuable possessions and mess them up. But alas, I’m a punk. And I wouldn’t do it because I might get in trouble. But if I was brave enough, I’d be like Wil.

So what do you do when you’ve been hurt? You turn to family and friends. In comes Ramsey.

Ramsey is a former NFL player and Wil’s co-host on their sports TV show on WAWG (We All We Got–How cute is this network title!!??). He’s kind, confident, and fine!! But he’s always only been Wil’s friend. When she’s broken and hurt, he’s one of the people that she turns to. Book perfection! So here’s a story of being broken and finding yourself able to move on. I love it when folks are authentic about their pain and issues and work on themselves. We should all learn something when we read a book!

Obviously since this is  CCJ book, the story is way more complex and detailed and there are multiple layers added to the characters. They’ve been through some stuff and go through some stuff together. And that’s what I love in every story.

My one quirk. Teeny, tiny quirk, is how they transition from friends to lovers. It felt kind of like there wasn’t enough of, omg I’m falling for my bestfriend! moments. It was like, one little comment, and now we’re having sex. So I felt like I missed that little baby transition. I love stories of when friends become lovers. Tell us more!! So that was a quirk for me.

But other than that, I loved getting another angle on the Connecticut Kings and revisiting with Trent, Jade, Jordan and Cole. I feel like as of now, Jordan and Cole are my favorite couple. I just loved their story sooo much!! But Ramsey and Wil were cute too. I rooted for them to win! Cause who doesn’t want to fall in love with their best friend?



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