Are You Still Down? By Paulette Jones

So...the writing wasn't good.

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. After reading the first couple of chapters, I was not going to review it. But the author wanted to know the good and the bad. So here we go…

Okay, let me start with the story. I like the premise of a sweet shy girl getting the attention of the cute popular guy in high school. I root for an underdog! Who doesn't love an underdog story? So I was definitely attracted to the story.

But here's where I hit a wall. The writing needs work. A lot. There are a lot of run on sentences. The conversations between the characters are in italics (why?) and quotation marks. The writing was a MAJOR distraction for me. I can't read a book that is lacking grammatically. I just can't focus and get frustrated.

And there are some in consistencies. When the story is in flashback mode (which you will know because it says at the top of the chapter Remembering, why? I don't know. Just say 1997.) some things are mentioned that don't go. So it's supposed to be 1997 and the two characters are talking. Somehow they talk about going to the movies to watch Big Momma's House. That movie came out in 2000. Then another time they mention the Sisqo album. Also came out in 2000. But it's supposed to be 1997! How did I find this you ask? Because I was born in the 80's raised in the 90's. I remember that movie and that album. And so when I read that, I was like Sisqo's album was in the 90's? No. It wasn't. I looked it up.

Overall, I'll be honest, I couldn't finish the book. It needs to be edited. Too many run-ons, the writing needs to be tighter and the inconsistencies need to get fixed. I feel like the foundation is there but it honestly needs work. As a fan of the written word, I can't get past poor writing. It distracts me from the story, which takes away the joy and passion for reading someone's story.

Issa no.

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