Endzone Love by Love Belvin

Why does love have to be so hard??

Why does love have to be so hard?? You meet someone. You love them. They love you. But we still got problems??? Why??!! Why can't it just be perfect and easy?

Here we are, the final installment of the Connecticut Kings Series, and Love Belvin once again has me on an emotional rollercoaster. It's like a crazy ride that you know is going to end. It's going to likely end with you alive, but meanwhile, wtf?!

Endzone Love is part two of Jade and Trent's story. When we ended on book 1 and learned through book 2 & 3 is that Jade is pregnant and they had a big wedding. But what we don't know is the details. This story is full of the details. Once again Trent's trust issues and Jade's self confidence come to play and can potentially ruin a beautiful relationship. It's frustrating to read about characters that are self sabotaging their lives!! But the thing is, people do this all the time. Our baggage causes us to make choices that wouldn't make sense if we hadn't had these harsh experiences. We subconsciously do things that we don't even realize is rooted in much deeper hurt and pain. Jade and Trent are full of these experience. They've been neglected, emotionally abused, rebellious and more. And now they're grown adults who've fallen in love and are trying to figure it out together. What a mess!

In all honesty, I loved the story. Jordan and Cole's was my favorite and I would have loved for their story to continue, BUT, you have got to give it up to Love Belvin for creating literary magic. The characters were complex and good people, who were just flawed. Yet despite their flaws, which they were well aware of, their faith and love for each other and God, they were perfect.

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