Keeping Willow by Jacinta Howard

When love is messy and passionate and imperfect. Basically the best kind.

I'm the type of person who gets obsessed with books. If a story is good, I'm up late, consumed with reading. And while I'm reading I'm completely immersed. This was one of those books.

Keeping Willow is book three of the Prototype series. When I read the first two I fell in love with the characters, so much so that I listened to music the book mentioned. Prototype is actually the title of an Outkast song, and when I read the books I quickly added it to my Groove Music playlist! (Yes that's the title of my playlist!)

So imagine my surprise when I see that there's a third book to the series!! I did this squeal that nerds do when they get excited about stuff. That was me.

This part of the series focuses on Willow and Devin. You don't have to read the first two, but I don't know why you wouldn't. Jacinta books are fresh out of the oven cinnamon rolls. They're warm, delicious and make you feel good. So to deny yourself the pleasure of reading the first two is just silly!! And so read the first two! But this one right here?! Y'all. We went on a journey.

This story is centered around how Willow and Devin came to be and how their love grew. It takes you on a journey of these two college kids, one who is innocent and positive, the other a rock star in the making trying to keep it all together, and what made them connect. How they fell in love and it wasn't perfect. It was messy, passionate, unnecessarily dramatic and just real.

I absolutely LOVE books that tell the reader how the characters got to where they are now. It's like, we were in love, but we broke up, here's wtf happened. Now done right, this story can take you through all the feels. You get the goo goo stage, the love stage, the pissed off stage and then the what now stage. And the fact that you get the story from both character's perspectives is just gold!! What was he thinking? What was she thinking? You get it all.

And so I immensely enjoyed this book of Willow and Devin, college sweethearts who are just trying to figure out how to be together while figuring out who they are, achieving their goals and how they can have everything they want without losing themselves. It's like a lesson book on the hardships of love, and I loved it!

Read it! Read the other books. Read all of her books. I have and you should too. Great read guaranteed!!

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