If Only for the Summer by Alexandra Warren

Sometimes I read books that make me go, “Damn, why can’t this happen to me?”

Sometimes I read books that make me go, “Damn, why can’t this happen to me?” Imagine you’re a teacher and you’ve got a rich friend. So you’ve got the summer off and she invites you to Miami to spend time with her. But because she’s rich, she can afford to put you up in her condo to stay in your own spot in South Beach. Perfect right? Well, there’s always a catch to a perfect deal. 1. You’re in a long-term/long-distance relationship with a guy who is probably cheating on you and everyone hates (but you of course) and 2. You somehow end up having to share the condo with your friend’s husband best friend and his kid. And of course, you’re in a relationship and he’s fine as hell. Yup folks, always a catch!

This is the story of Nova and Guy. Both a teachers that live in different states, but have friends in common. She got a quirky neo soul hipster vibe, and he’s a sexy art teacher with a son. They meet over the summer. Do the love/sex thang. And fall in love.

Okay, let me share what I liked. The story was sweet, sexy, and heartfelt. Its one of those books that, despite knowing how its probably going to end, you really fall for the characters and their stuff. The messy stuff that makes people unique and imperfect. They were complicated and had baggage, and it was present. But what I really liked about it was how it was a perfect example of what happens when you don’t DTR. Define the Relationship. In today’s world, we have a lot of non DTRers, which lead to a lot of hurt feelings and miscommunication. Its probably why you shouldn’t have sex before you DTR. But alas, we’re in that gray space of remembering old school traditions and living in today’s society of f*ck boys. So nowadays, you aren’t together until you say, we’re together. And hence, here is a great example of sex too early, non DTRing, and a lack of communication. But like all love stories, it all works out in the end.

Now what I didn’t like were just the clique circumstances. What a coincidence that they “accidentally” met in the airport, and that they end up living together. Yes that happens, but in the book world, as a reader, I’m kinda ehh on those types of scenarios. But what always has me coming back to these types of books and authors like Alexandra Warren are the stories. This book was full of love, passion, aggression, and regret. This story was built up so that you were rooting for the characters, just like you would root for Cinderella. You want them to win. And so I enjoyed this book. And without a doubt, I’d read more Alexandra Warren books. She’s great at what she does. I’ve read all of her books (That’s right all of them!!!). So read this one, and read her other stuff, cause its good! Real good!!


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