Brink Of Disaster by Danielle Allen

What happens when you got two guys you could love? Choose your own ending!

As I’m sure you all know, I loved Diasters in Dating by Danielle Allen. I was gonna sign up for online dating and be my own Desiree. Unfortunately I didn’t! But I’m in the League (Bougie Tinder) so that kinda counts! 🙂

Now when we last left Desiree, she ended up having to chose between two men. Miles and Charles. Miles was the music guy, who was up for a relationship. He wanted to be with someone, settle down, do the whole thing. And he’s sweet, sexy, talented, thoughtful. He’s a good guy. A good catch!

Meanwhile, Charles was the other option. He was the firefighter, who was funny, thoughtful, sexy, charming, and fione!! He was the one only looking for friendship. But he’s the type of guy every girl needs in her life. Charming and Sexy heterosexual male friend for me please!!

So Danielle Allen decided to make us like both guys. You are reading the story and you feel drawn to both men. But unlike our usual reads, she decided to leave it up to us, the reader on how the story ends!! You can basically choose which guy she goes for and read the story of their relationship and how it all turns out! Wth!? I need you to tell me who she wants, not me!! 🙂 And so here we have Brink of Disaster: This One or That One. Your pick. Of course I read both! I couldn’t choose! And so I read That One first.

In That One, Desiree picks Miles. When I read it, I was like “God please send me a Miles, please!” I mean, he was perfect. He was a reformed f*ck boy, looking for the real thing. He wanted to form an ever lasting relationship. He was fine, talented, sexy…lawd send me a Miles! Their love is what I would want. A man who is passionate about me! So I loved Miles and I was all in. I was all in Danielle! Ugh. Read the book.

Now in This One, Desiree picks Charles. Now Charles, surprisingly come with a bit more baggage than I expected. There were things in his past that we did not know about in Disasters in Dating. And so when I was reading this book and when she was texting and calling to apologize about the run-in the two men had, I was getting annoyed. I was like who tf are you to like, not even respond? And why is this love ish so freakin hard? But overall the passion was there. It was emotional and passionate. So read this book too!

Overall, I loved both books. I would recommend reading That One and then This One. It feels like that was the order the story was meant to be read in. And I’m glad that’s how I read it. I’d love another book with her story to see what happened!! Danielle Allen’s books are firrreee!!!

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