Stay With Me by Alexandria House

Life goal: Never get involved with a F*ck Boy.

Life goal: Never get involved with a F*ck Boy. I swear, these are the worst types of men. They tell you everything you want to hear, knowing good and damn well that they are playing games. They don’t get emotionally involved, because they don’t plan to be around. And they’re so selfish, they don’t even consider your feelings. Hence, my life goal.

Here we have Angie Strickland. Middle child of the Strickland sisters and natural hair blogger. Upon graduating from high school, her father gave her and her sisters a choice: I’ll pay for you to go to college or give you the money and you can do with it what you want. She choose the money. She used the money to buy a duplex, lived on one side and rented the other to supplement her income. She basically doesn’t have to work. But she is a semi-famous Youtube blogger on natural hair.

One night, a potential renter reaches out to her. She doesn’t usually show the space after hours but the guy seems eager and she really needs to rent it out. So she decided to show him the space; she is next door after all.

When she meets up with the guy, she never thought he’d be so fine!! He’s got a light complexion, hazel eyes and a southern accent she can’t exactly place but is definitely intrigued about. Ryan Boyé is definitely trouble. But she’s been through two relationships that were wrong from the beginning and she done. She’d rather live her life alone and in peace, than to deal with any more heartbreak.

But here’s the kicker. Ryan Boyé is definitely not what Angie needs. He doesn’t believe in love at first sight, relationships, or that any one woman is better than the next. Its all the same in the dark! Ryan has been with plenty of women, loves women, and hates any type of commitment. He thinks that there’s no point in locking yourself down with just one woman when there’s a world full of them.

Basically, Ryan is a f*ck boy.

This story goes into what happens when a f*ck boy meets his match. She’s done with love and he can’t seem to stay away. She blows him away in a fashion he couldn’t imagine and she doesn’t want him. Yeah he’s fine and sexy and she’d probably try to get at him, but she’s been down the road before. She knows exactly what he’s about and doesn’t really want to deal with the fallout of another heartbreak.

What I really liked about these characters is that Angie has been through some stuff. She knows what heartbreak is and doesn’t really want to deal with it anymore. She’s tired and is trying to learn how to value herself. Ryan on the other hand needs to grow up. He’s messed around with easy women and doesn’t know what its like to “put in some work” to be with a real woman. A real woman isn’t just gonna give you what you want, do what you want, whenever you want. You’re gonna have to put in some work!! Besides, no one wants a f*ck boy, but reformed one? That might just work!!

Angie is a character you can easily connect to. Besides the fact that she’s a fellow naturalista (yeah!), she’s relatable. She’s not a push over, but she’s not perfect. And in now understanding her self worth, she’s all for demanding what she wants and not letting no pretty boy with a southern accent and sexy charm get the best of her. You better go girl!! 

This series is in my eyes, some of Alexandria House’s best work. Book One starts off with a strong foundation for the whole series and characters you’ll get to know and love. The Strickland Sisters will make you love them and root for them! Check out my review for books Two and Three!!

Author Bio: A southern girl at heart, Alexandria House has an affinity for a good banana pudding, Neo Soul music and tall black men in suits. When this fashionista is not shopping, she’s writing steamy stories about real black love.


Twitter: @mzalexhouse


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