Be With Me by Alexandria House

I have to be honest. I wasn't even going to read this book.

I have to be honest. I wasn’t even going to read this book. I had finished book two and wondered, Do I even want to read a book on crazy Nicole? She was the baby of the family, and clearly the most reckless. And she admitted to being a hoe. So, why would I want to indulge in her crazy? I could relate better to Angie and Renee (Book 1 and Book 2) But Nicole’s clear gold-digger badge was a turn off. Thankfully, Alexandria House placed a short preview of the book at the end of Believe in Me, and lemme tell y’all, I was not ready for the turn of events!!

Last we heard of Nicole, she was engaged to Travis. He was her meal ticket to a good life and the stability she sought. And while she wasn’t necessarily in love with Travis, he would do. Not only could he support her financially, but he also had social status. His father is a judge. And while her own father is a wealthy business man, her father is self-made. Travis’ family has both status and wealth. So she’s going with the security Travis can provide her.

In comes Damon. As we remember him, he’s Nicole’s childhood best friend. They’ve known each other since they were little kids and up until high school, were practically glued at the hip. That is, until something happens that breaks them a part for years. Now Damon is back, and all those skeletons they’d hid away are coming out. Now they’ve got to deal with all the things that happened to them and between them and figure out how they can move on. Can they be the best friends they used to be? Can they be more? Can you forgive someone that’s hurt you to your core? And what about Travis? So much drama, so so good!

I honestly saw very little of the drama that happened in this story coming. I was enthralled at every turn. Nicole is easily seen as this “loose woman” with thread thin morals and easily a gold digger, but there’s so much more to her. She’s been hurt, deeply. And its that hurt that’s impacted much of her adult life. She experienced a trauma and didn’t know how to handle it. Meanwhile, Damon is a giver. He gives and loves freely. He doesn’t how to be any other way. But you know the problem with givers; they need to set boundaries, because takers never do.

Read this story. Read the trilogy. This is honestly the best book I think Alexandria has written. Its complex, its passionate, messy and dramatic. Its one of those stories that as you’re reading, you want more, and you see you’re only half way through the book and you’re so happy you’re getting more! She gives it all to you and you’ll have no regret. Read read read!! I honestly LOVED this book. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Author Bio: A southern girl at heart, Alexandria House has an affinity for a good banana pudding, Neo Soul music and tall black men in suits. When this fashionista is not shopping, she’s writing steamy stories about real black love.

Website: http://www.msalexhouse.com/

Twitter: @mzalexhouse

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