#RelationshipGoals by Christina C. Jones

One day, I'm gonna have someone look at me and my bae and say #RelationshipGoals.

One day, I’m gonna have someone look at me and my bae and say #RelationshipGoals. Of course, I need a bae, but that’s besides the point. I wanna be someone’s relationship goals!

Imagine one day you’re at the airport and someone gets bumped and coffee is spilled all over them. No one moves to do anything, and being who you are, you decided you’re gonna help that person out. That’s been me. I saw a kid get his head stuck in a cardboard cutout at Raging Waters and no one was doing anything, despite the kid crying. So I get it. Now here’s Noah, good samaritan. She sees this man in between distress and despair, and she decides to help him out. Unlike everyone else, she goes up to him to help him get cleaned up. But who woulda thunk that her reward for her good deed, would be a kiss from the ultra handsome and sexy stranger. Left dumbfounded, she goes back to her seat, wondering if the encounter ever even happened.

Well it did. And how does know that it did? Cause social media said it did when someone snapped a picture of the kiss and tagged it with #RelationshipGoals. Now normally, this wouldn’t be a bid deal for most us. But it is a big deal when you’re kinda famous and people like knowing your business. And who could’ve thought that a random life occurrence could lead to something more? And how did Nick ever think that kissing the beautiful stranger at the airport, would bring him more attention for personal life than his profession?

This is one of those stories, that’s about a random encounter leading two people into an expected connection. One that neither was probably looking for, but can’t turn away from. Its how people tell you love is supposed to happen. You’re supposed to be minding your own business and all of a sudden, that person who’s “The One” is supposed to cross your path. Now I don’t really believe in this. But this is how I hear people meet! But when it comes to this story, its different. Christina C. Jones is one of my favorite authors. She writes stories that draw you in and have you thinking about your own life and your choices. I’ve noticed that more recently, with stories like this one and other of her most recent work, she’s connecting more of her Black Love stories with real life. She’s talking about identity, health, social inequity and more. She still give us the drama that she’s known for, but it feels more woke. And I’m definitely a fan of woke stories.

Now although this isn’t my favorite CCJ book (I’m a big fan of her classics!) I can say that I enjoyed the story. It was complex and sweet.

Author Bio: Christina C. Jones is a modern romance novelist who has penned almost 30 books. She has earned a reputation as a storyteller who seamlessly weaves the complexities of modern life into captivating tales of black romance. Prior to her work as a full time writer, Christina successfully ran Visual Luxe, a digital creative design studio. Coupling a burning passion to write and the drive to hone her craft, Christina made the transition to writing full-time in 2014. Christina has attracted a community of enthusiastic readers across the globe who continue to read and share her sweet, sexy, and sometimes scandalous stories.

Website: http://www.BeingMrsJones.com

Twitter: @BeingMrsJones



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