In His Corner by Alexandra Warren

Have you ever been reading a book and you stop and say out loud "Oh my God I love this book!"? This was me.

Have you ever been reading a book and you stop and say out loud “Oh my God I love this book!”? This was me. I was in my book happy place where I’m smiling as I read, I get excited for what’s next and I go to bed super late trying to finish it and don’t. I loved the whole story!!

Alexandra Warren (who has written a slew of great stories and series that you should check out!) has this magical gift for telling stories. It’s like where do you get this from? And it’s one thing to write well but it a whole other thing to write well and engage us as readers. Alexandra’s got it!

This story is about Bella, a digital magazine writer, and Princeton aka The Prince an undefeated and talented boxer. They meet when Bella is assigned to write a story about Princeton’s upcoming match and has to obviously attend her first boxing match. Boxing is not Bella’s thing. She is definitely more of a beauty and fashion writer. But the fact that sports isn’t her thing allowed her to see boxing from a different perspective. In comes The Prince! Princeton is really great at what he does. He’s an excellent boxer and is dedicated to being the best at his craft. But his greatness has come at a high price. He’s been coached by his excessively demanding father and his mother has been absent for most of his life. So despite his great professional success, he’s suffered much personally.

(Sidenote: Bella is kinda a badass. She came off naive initially, but in actuality she was super self-confident and she takes no shit. #TeamPlayNoGames. BUT I really really loved Princeton. He was like this thug-ish sweetheart! He was all man but caring and nurturing. He was so thoughtful!! Ugh, where do they make them at?? I’m lookin! Lord knows I’m lookin!!! #CanIBeSomebodysSnack? #BAEgoals)

What I loved about this story is really Bella and Princeton. Their story and the build up of their relationship made me feel like I was a nosey neighbor watching two people fall in love. But their relationship felt very relatable to “regular” relationships. They didn’t just have their own drama to add to the mix, they had parental issues, job issues, don’t blame me for what other folks did issues, real life issues!! It was messy and complicated but not in a this would never happen in real life. I could easily see this happening. It was real.

I loved the story because it made me laugh, got me annoyed on the characters’ behalf, reminded me that boxers are sexy, and that you just never know where you’ll be a year from now. Read this book. No Read Regrets!! Trust me!!


hAPPY Readings,Ashley

Author Bio: Alexandra Warren is a twenty-something year old Nebraska girl who enjoys teaching, blogging, traveling, and of course, writing. Contemporary Romance novellas are her absolute favorite to write as well as to read. With seventeen books under her belt, and more on the way, she is excited to see what 2017 will bring!

Website: www.actuallyitsalexandra.com

Twitter: __ActuallyAlex


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