Another Brooklyn by Jacqueline Woodson

For the lit lovers and fans of a more sophisticated type of writing.

In my secret santa gift exchange someone gave me this book! They saw on my facebook that I had started a book review blog and so he gifted me a blanket with my alma mater logo (Go Bruins!!) and this book. I was curious and unsure about this book since I have (in my head) authors who are my go to. So when I get a book, I’m running through my rolodex of authors I’ve read or either heard of. I’ve never heard of this author. So I read SUPER green. And I love reading books like that. I have no expectations, no pre-set standards from my previous reads. Nada!

If I could write an autobiography, I’d write it like this. Full of feelings and details and abstract. So I’d be telling all about myself, without telling all about myself. Just the pieces that I want to share. And some stuff you’d be confused by, but I’d know what it was! Ha!

Now, Another Brooklyn is the story of a girl named August and her experience of leaving the south and moving to Brooklyn with her father and brother without her mother. Somewhere along the line we learn about about what happened with her mother and her life before her move to Brooklyn. Later on in Brooklyn, the story moves on to her experiences living with her brother and father, her father and brother’s conversion into Islam, and the friendships she develops with three girls. Its one of those stories that is really in flashback mode for most of the story and at the end it fast forwards to the end. Giving you all of the feels and emotion in a quick spurt of what life is.

This is definitely a really different book than what I usually read. All of the stuff I’m drawn to is usually really dramatic and full of character development and really thick stories. But this wasn’t one of them. Some things are left unanswered. Situations are left unexplained and you just have to take it! Overall, would I recommend this book? I’d recommend it to folks who are English majors or those of you who are really into period literature. But if you’re into those page turners, make you gasp, call and tell your friends, or join of facebook group dedicated to the author so you can talk more about the book…this is not the one. Like I said, if I could write my autobiography I’d write it like this. But for my drama fiction aficionados, this may not be the go to. For my lovers of literature, this is the one for you. Its Black and complex and telling. So this one is for y’all folks!

Author Bio:

Jacqueline Woodson‘s memoir BROWN GIRL DREAMING won the 2014 National Book Award and was a NY Times Bestseller. Her novel, ANOTHER BROOKLYN, was a National Book Award finalist and an Indie Pick in 2016. Among her many awards, she the recipient of the Kurt Vonnegut Award, four Newbery Honors, two Coretta Scott King Award, and the Langston Hughes Medal. Jacqueline is the author of nearly thirty books for young people and adults including EACH KINDNESS, IF YOU COME SOFTLY, LOCOMOTION and I HADN’T MEANT TO TELL YOU THIS. She served as Young People’s Poet Laureate from 2014-2016, was a fellow at The American Library in Paris, occasionally writes for the New York Times, is currently working on more books and like so many writers – lives with her family in Brooklyn, New York.

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