Feud by Phyllis Bourne

You ever been in a feud for no reason other than legacy?


You ever been in a feud for no reason other than legacy? Think of your college rivalry. You show up freshman year and all of sudden you hate that other school across town! They’ve never done anything to you. Hell you probably applied. But that’s over now cause they’re the enemy. And your favorite school is your school and anyone playing them!! Crazy, I know! But as a Bruin, from Day 2 I knew we didn’t wear red, we didn’t like the Trojans, and we’re better than them. Period.

Meet the Lawson-Bridges crew. For over ONE HUNDRED YEARS the families have been feuding. They’ve been feuding so hard that they’ve even set up a trust for the last living family member to outlast and outlive the other family. So imagine when Justice (sexy name right?!) Lawson outlives his cranky neighbor Tate Bridges. He’s finally done it! He’s the last living member of both families, and he gonna collect $250k! It was either outlive the other family or get them to move. Either way a win is a win! That is until cranky old man Tate’s great great niece Tate Alexandra Bridges comes into town to collect her inheritance and her rightful place as the last living Bridges; putting a halt to Justice’s $250 win. What ensues is a hilarious old school feud with two sexy people, unwilling to give up the win!

The writing in this story was hilarious! You laugh along the tale, it’s like the characters are your friends, and you feel caught in the middle! You don’t know who to root for! And so I really really liked it! My one quirk is that it kinda ends abruptly. And I hate that. I need closer for my stories and since this the first book I’ve read by Phyllis Bourne, maybe she’s one those authors who you learn more by reading more of her books! Idk! But overall a great and funny read. I definitely enjoyed it! And I wouldn’t mind getting caught in a feud with a sexy neighbor myself!! Heeey!!!


Author Bio: A former newspaper crime reporter, Phyllis Bourne writes to feed a growing lipstick addiction. A nominee for Romance Writer’s of America’s 2016 RITA® award and a two-time Golden Heart finalist, she has also been nominated for an RT BOOKReviews Reviewer’s Choice Award and won Georgia Romance Writer’s prestigious Maggie Award of Excellence.

When she’s not at the computer, Phyllis can be found at a cosmetics counter spending the grocery money. She lives in Nashville with an understanding husband, who in one kiss can discern the difference between a department store and drug store lip gloss.

Website: www.phyllisbourne.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/phyllisbournebooks

Twitter: @PhyllisBourne

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