Sugar Rush by A. Jones


I don’t know about y’all, but it’s been a minute since I’ve read a story that was just sweet. This story was like a grownup fairytale and has all the makings of a genuine love story.

Melanie is a woman just trying to follow her dreams. Yeah they’re unconventional, but she’s been doing everything she supposed to do. She was supposed to go to college, then she was supposed to go to Law School, then she was supposed to work at her fathers firm, and then she’s supposed to become parter. All her life she’s met everyone else’s expectations of her except for hers. And she tired. She taking control of her life and she’s going after what she wants.

In comes Kamali. You know when your life is on track, you’re pushing toward your goals and a dude comes in and it’s the last thing you need? Me neither. But I heard it happens a lot! So Kamali enters Melanie’s life at a time when she feels like a man is a distraction. She got goals and being booed up is not one. But sometimes we get what we need and not what we want.

As I shared, the story is really sweet. It’s a real love story that shows us about what it means to be unselfish, caring and loving. It wasn’t this sex driven, raunchy story, it’s a love story. And I really liked that that what it was. If you’re looking for a gentle read, check this one out. ❤️


About the Author:

A. Jones is a twenty-up there somewhere year old writer who loves penning love in color. The Maryland native believes creatives are the real world changers and writing is her way of making a difference. Although she is new to authoring she is not new to writing. Writing has been apart of her since she was a young girl and she takes pleasure being able to share this passion with the world. Her imagination and sense of humor will bring a refreshing sense of realism and relatibility to the world through her characters. Travel with her as she journeys to bring a little more laughter and a lot more love into this literary world.

Twitter: @_PurelyRadiant_

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorajones/

Website: https://www.ajoneswrites.com/

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