Unearth Me by Grey

Can a relationship of the physical kind but the only kind between two passionate people?

Meet Kirklynn. She’s 34 years old. Single. And a therapist by trade. She’s made smart business and personal decisions that have given her a seemingly stable life. The one she doesn’t have together is her love life. Like they say, you can’t have everything. 

One day, the owner of the building becomes her new client. He’s young at only 26 years old, 8 years her junior. But he runs an empire he inherited from his grandfather. He comes to her with major life trauma that he makes her feel like only she can help him with.

Meet Heath. He’s 26 years old. Runs an empire. Has a building in a prime location that can instantly guarantee success, if you get a spot in his building. Think of him as the Black Christina Grey. Young, sexy, successful.

Kirklynn has this innate desire to just support people. And for her, the best way is through counseling. She’s got good friends, she works out, her money is right and she’s got a good head on her shoulders. Heath is another client who she feels like she can help. But Heath is like a client she’s never had before. Its not the trauma, its him.

Heath has experienced significant life trauma. And while those traumas have impacted him, more than anything they drive him to go harder. He knows that he doesn’t have it all together. And he thinks with Kirklynn he can have the relationship where love is not required and physical satisfaction is all they’ll ever need.

Can a relationship of the physical kind but the only kind between two passionate people?


I thought the book was fine. Okay here’s my beef. I did enjoy the book. I liked the plot and the story line. The book was also well written. But my issue is that the story is not particularly new. It was like the low-key 50 Shades, the Black version, but with only one book. I like the characters and I actually wanted to learn more about who they were. I felt like sometimes we got details that didn’t lead us anywhere. But maybe we have another story coming? Is there more to this tale? Maybe! Ideally! I’d read more. If you didn’t know, I’m a sucker for a series. I like to know what happens all the way to the end. But I’d recommend it to someone who’s interested in a book with sex, life trauma and mystery. If its your thing, check this out!

About the Author:

Grey, evoking emotions through raw, heart-piercing Romance.

Between the pages and through the bleeding ink of my pen, I urge to create whimsical stories that depict the truth about black love with relative situations, circumstances, and characters. Grey is a penman derived from a deeper desire to tell of less complex, circumstantial, stereotyped, and biased stories of black and interracial love. My goal is to highlight the misconception that black love stories can be everything BUT pleasant, joyful, everlasting, and beautiful.

Instagram: @greyhuffington


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