Coffee Date by Nia Forrester

It was a perfect example of a great story. Something compelling and unexpected and emotional. I live for this.

Omg. Why am I so late on this book!!?? It was a perfect example of a great story. Something compelling and unexpected and emotional. I live for this. I literally drool over these type of stories.

This is actually book two of The ‘Shorts’ Series by Nia Forrester. I reviewed the first book Still, that’s not connected to this story but was really a lovely story. But this one right here? Y’all. Y’all.

Coffee Date is the story of former NFL star Randall “The Rocket” Reese, on the anniversary of what we can infer is a tragedy. He’s a father of a little boy and he’s close to his older sister. On this unknown anniversary, his sister has set him up on a Coffee Date with a former classmate to take his mind off of the day.

The former classmate is named Danielle Erlinger. She went to school with Randall in high school, and like most she was a fan. In many ways, for her it’s a chance to go out with the guy every girl wanted; even if just for coffee. What ensues is an unexpected day of exploration, vulnerability and truths.


I loved it. I really really loved it. And it’s really because I connected with Danielle so much. Everybody isn’t the popular girl in school. And it kinda sucks. And then you grow up to be a responsible adult and you don’t really f*ck up like everyone else. In a way you feel like you missed out on the recklessness. I know my mom is grateful for it but, I missed out yall!

I felt like I could emphasize and understood Danielle. And I love that the story wasn’t conventional and that feelings got hurt like this do in real life and that it reminded me that people aren’t as perfect as we’d like to think. It was a “short story” but it was packed with so much. Love love loved it.

Update: I just noticed after writing this review that there’s a part two to this series!! So I’m currently reading this as I type! I love that there’s more because I’m greedy! And book 2 ended so well that I was cool with not having a next part but just the fact there’s more, is like getting 11 wings when you ordered 10!

Update #2: There’s a part three!! I finished it, and I loved it…I live for this stuff y’all!!

About the Author:

Nia Forrester lives and writes in Philadelphia, PA where, by day, she is an attorney working on public policy and by night, she crafts woman-centered fiction that examines the complexities of life, love and the human condition.

Twitter: @NiaForrester 

Facebook: NiaForresterBooks

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