Is She the Reason by Nako

Imagine being that ride or die chick. That I will fight for you, go to battle for you, go to jail for you. Well now imagine you go to jail. For your dude. 10 years.


Imagine being that ride or die chick. That I will fight for you, go to battle for you, go to jail for you. Well now imagine you go to jail. For your dude. 10 years.

This is what happened to Yara Moreland.

Ten years ago, she and her crime committing husband got caught. They were some Bonnie and Clyde without the die part and got sentence to 10 years each. Parents to three young girls, and crazy in love, there were so many things they didn’t think about before agreeing to their life of crime. But everyone goes down sometime and that’s what happened to these two.

But now imagine that your husband got out after a year on a technicality and didn’t tell you. You’ve been in jail doing hard time and he’s been free. He’s living his life, free as a bird. Tf?

And now you’ve completed your bid and you’re free. Ten years is a long time and your kids are damn near grown. Plus, your husband may not be acting like he’s your husband. There’s somebody else!! This whole thing is gonna need more than a fix it Jesus!! Drama, drama, drama.


I liked this book. I enjoyed the premise. The twists and turns were unexpected and there was definitely a lot of drama. I like the soap opera drama like this next reader, and this will definitely give you all of that it with a crazy ending. My one qualm is that I felt it was to looong. And trust folks, I love me a good juicy thick novel, but not if it doesn’t have to be!! It felt really drawn out and as a reader, if a book can end where we’re at, let’s end it. No need to keep on going.

But overall, a good Urban Fiction novel. I liked it, didn’t love it. BUT I will agree that it’s a good dramatic read. Pick it up if drama is your thang!

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️.5

About the Author:

Nakoreya “Nako” Roberson is a native of Atlanta, Georgia studying Mass Communications, Political Science, and Spanish at the illustrious Jackson State University. Upon signing her publishing deal in December 2014, her first book debuted on Amazon.com only one month later and she’s written thirty-eight (38) novels to date. She’s become an accomplished and successful author with plans on additional releases within the year.
Her first national release, The Connect’s Wife, ranked within the top one hundred (100) releases and was number one (#1) in the following categories: African American Romance, Urban Fiction, and African American Fiction and recently ventured into self-help as the author of Where Is My Peace: A 21-Day Journey to Contentment and Jumpstart: Affirmations for the GirlBoss who wants to reclaim their time.
At twenty-four, Nako has already made her mark on the literary world. Through the formation of her newly-established publishing company, NakoEXPO, she’s dedicated and determined to assist other talented authors in the literary world to bring their projects to fruition and currently have ten authors under her belt. Her ultimate goal is to assist other authors in realizing their true potential and change the world one novel at a time.

Twitter: nakoexpo

Instagram: nakoexpo


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