Let Me Hold You by Alexandria House

Ohh weee this was a good one! The twist and turns and all the other stuff that makes books great!!

Leland Leland Leland. Ladies, come and meet Mr. Leland McClain!! We first meet him in Book 1 of the McClain Brother Series: Let Me Love You (Which I low-key plan to go reread cause Everett “Big South” McClain is papi!!). We got a bit of a teaser about who he was; the hotshot NBA basketball player and youngest of the McClain brothers. At the time we learned he had a thing for older women *scandalous*. And not just like, five years older, like grown women with adult kids older! Which is cray cause Leland is fine! Like body and face fine! So I can’t help but be salty that a woman his age are too young for him! But, hey, its his preference, I guess.


All the older women probably feelin themselves right now! 

In comes Kimberly Hampton. She’s the director of a community center in St. Louis, Leland’s new home after being traded from the Miami Heat. Leland signed up to be a part of a basketball camp during the summer months for kids. Its pretty clear from the beginning that Kimberly is passionate about her work and the community she serves. And while she can totally see the appeal of Leland McClain, she does not have the time nor the energy to be playing games with a lil boy! Unless, that little boy is Leland McClain, and he’s most definitely a grown a** man! But its hard for Kimberly to let anyone in at this point. Coming off a string of terrible relationships, being open to new love, especially with a man like Leland, is too much. She just trying to keep it all together. And they don’t have regular obstacles in front of them, they have mountains!! But like most guys use to getting what he wants, he won’t take no for an answer. And he wants him some Lil Kim!



Okay, let me just give props where props are due. Alexandria House’s writing is killing it right now!!


I read a lot of books! Like A LOT! And so I can tell when an author is actually talented and if they’re putting in work to be a better storyteller. Alexandria House is playing NO GAMES right now! There were so many twist and turns in this story that I was left with my mouth hanging open! And it was an almost sneaky way of writing the book. Here we are reading this story written in first person, and we think we know everything. But we most definitely don’t. The story is woven in a way that we miss details we don’t know are there. And that was really exciting to read!

I also loved that the characters felt like real people. Leland has everything but he’s not without his flaw nor his ability to be compassionate. He’s a nurturer! And add to that he’s ultra sexy! *I’ll take Sexy Nurturer for $500 please Alex* And Kimberly is one of those ultra sensitive people. She just wants to keep everyone happy! She’s made terrible choices in her life and she’s just trying to grow. These are real type of people and I love that!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I’m excited to read the next two, since there are two more McClain brothers!! Ayyeee! Maybe she should make it a double feature since they’re twins? Or make two books in one! The possibilities are endless! I say this all to say, I loved reading Leland’s story. I enjoyed getting an update on Big South and Jo, and I’m looking forward to reading more from Alexandria House!!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars

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About the author:

Author Bio: A southern girl at heart, Alexandria House has an affinity for a good banana pudding, Neo Soul music and tall black men in suits. When this fashionista is not shopping, she’s writing steamy stories about real black love.


Twitter: @mzalexhouse


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