Adjacent by Alexandra Warren

I can't even front. I love a good f*ck boy story. The drama and chemistry make this an awesome read!! :)

I can’t even front. I love a good f*ck boy story.

Imagine living next door to one of the finest men you’ve seen in a long time. He’s got the height, he smells good, he’s in beard-gang, rich melanin skin and more. Plus he’s fine and he knows it! Ugh f*ck boys. And not only is he fine, he’s got a slew of women who agree and make our girl Eve suffer through the sounds night after night! Eve aka Evelyn, is the lucky/unlucky neighbor to the building hottie. She’s a grown woman, making grown woman moves. She’s in college and works full time. But she’d just like to live a life where the thot next door stops waking her up, stops flirting with her, and stops bitting his bottom lip when he talks to her. She is not trying to be added to ol’ boys list of conquests.

A.J. Aka Arthur, is the cutie next door. He’s single with no attachments but plenty of encounters. He’s got no problems pulling in the next lady, and is thoroughly enjoying his single life. And yeah, Eve is cute, but she ain’t trying to give brother no play. So he’s gonna continue with his thot-y behavior.

What happens when a f*ck boy is considering becoming a reformed thot? What happens when he zooms in on you? Temptation at its finest!!


I really liked this book!! I honestly clapped at the end.


Alexandra shared at the beginning that its a novela, which is shorter than a regular novel, but I felt like I got a full story! The characters felt well-developed, I loved their personalities and they just vibed in a really cool way.

A.J. is sadly my type. (See random gif of a dude who looks like a f*ck boy LOL)


The constant flirt. The damn he fine but he’s a hoe. I swear, this type of guy is sadly my type!! The worst kind ladies. The WORST kind. So I totally understand my girl Eve!! Her style of managing A.J. and his personality is exactly they way I would do things. Stay away!! I totally love their dynamics and the ways in which they interact. Its fun, its sexy and dramatic. If you like frenimes to lovers, you’ll love this one. Its so so so good and I can’t wait for more. Apparently this is the beginning of a series, I’m all here for it!! Get it folks! No read regrets!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️-5 Stars

Author Bio: Alexandra Warren is a twenty-something year old Nebraska girl who enjoys teaching, blogging, traveling, and of course, writing. Contemporary Romance novellas are her absolute favorite to write as well as to read. With seventeen books under her belt, and more on the way, she is excited to see what 2017 will bring!


Twitter: __ActuallyAlex


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