Unapologetically Me by Danesha Little

When you're falling in love, trying to figure yourself out and the love is messy, complicated, overwhelming and passionate.

Every once in a while, you bump into a gem. Here you are, looking for just a regular ole book to read, and wham!! Girl, you’s obsessed!!


Last week I was struggling to find my #WeekendRead. I posted on my IG, “What are y’all reading?”. And folks provided some suggestions and I looked through my Facebook book groups, and somehow, someone recommended this book. So I went ahead and downloaded it, hoping this would be one that I might like. And boy oh boy, did I!!

I fell in LOVE with this one! I was obsessed!! I started reading early on Saturday, but didn’t really get into it until Sunday Night. Big mistake. I continued reading it and soon realized I was in trouble. I didn’t stop reading until 4:40a. And I wasn’t done!! I was only 60% in!! And I had to go to work…4 hours later!! I just couldn’t stop reading.


Now let me tell you about this here book! Unapologetically Me is by Danesha Little. First book I’ve read by her so I didn’t know what to expect. Its a story about a young woman named Fatima, who’s in her senior of college and is on the pre-med track. She’s her parents’ only child, and all of their hopes and dreams have been placed on her. She never knew of a time when she wasn’t going to be a doctor. Yet, unknown to everyone, Fatima has a real love for writing. If she could’ve picked a career path, being an author would have been it. But unfortunately for her, the dream of becoming a writing has to stay just that, a dream.

So on the side she posts pieces of a book she’s writing on a site for new authors to share and get feedback. Her book is loosely focused on the life of a famous rapper named Jericho aka Jaren. Using some of the pieces of his life to write her story, Fatima has amassed a following of over 30k. And no one knows it her; not her closest friends, boyfriend, and most definitely not her parents.

Unsurprisingly, Jaren finds out about this side story loosely based on his life. Its popular! He creates a profile and anonymously develops a friendship with Fatima. Through the site, they share about themselves, debate, and commiserate on their stories, all while both of them being in relationships with other people! But all that glitters ain’t gold, and Jaren is really famous. The lights of fame are harsh and not always forgiving. And for Fatima, a regular girl who’s struggled with self-confidence and enjoys her privacy, having the lights shinned on her can be too much.


I loved loved loved this story. It had everything that I enjoyed about a book. It had drama, controversy, PASSION, failure, and the ever present real world challenges of life. And the great thing is that it gave me so much of everything! There was a point in the story that I saw it could have ended, but the author was like, you gonna get ALLLL of this!


I highly recommend Unapologetically Me. And I’m excited to learn that there is more to come for Fatima and Jaren. Their story is so beautiful and I can’t wait read more about their journey.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

About the Author:

Danesha Little is a writer who loves to combine her love of romance, sports, and entertainment in her stories. Her Wattpad stories have millions of reads with one of her stories winning a “Heartbreaker Watty Award” in 2018. When not writing, you will always find her lost in a book, watching basketball, or spending time with her family.

Instagram: @dlittlewritter

Twitter: @dlittlewritter


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