Ashley’s Top 5 Authors!!

My TOP 5. 

I love reading. Its has been my things since I got a library card and scholastics came to school. The reason I created this blog is to create a space where I could engage with folks who love reading too! I’ve always been the one that’s into books and has no one to really share that with. So I decided to create my own online community to do that; to share. 

I have read countless books. I can’t say I have a favorite book or that I even have a favorite genre. My reading pallet is fluid. But I find great comfort in having authors who I can lean on when I just need a great book and great storytelling. When I just need someone to take me on a journey of love, adventure and intrigue, these are my go to. I read their books without reading the descriptions. I don’t have to question if I’ll enjoy the stories. I already know. So here are my TOP 5. Enjoy. 

Christina C. Jones


I remember the first book I read by CCJ. It was Inevitable Conclusion. Like most, my introduction into Black authors was old school – Brenda Jackson, Francis Gray, Eric Jerome Dickey – I remember finding this book somewhere (who knows where) and I thought, “mmmh friends to lovers? Interesting” I had no clue then, that I would fall into a new world of Black authors, Black women authors, who were writing stories about Black folks like me! She writes in a way that you become entranced, you are enveloped, you are taken into a journey of love love. Beautiful, sexy, loving, powerful Black love. Her stories feel like gems of what love could be like. With her you get to experience the triumphs and failures, hopes and losses and more. Her stories are about love y’all. That feel good love. That, “why is this so hard?” love. That, “I got baggage” love. I love her stories because they give you everything that a lover of love needs.

Story themes: Black love, modern romance, deep relationships, lovers to friends, athletics, fantasy

Nia Forrester


I can’t tell you which of her many books I first read, but Nia Forrester is the truth!! Do you want to be completely and totally emotionally involved, connected, and drowned in a story? Do you want to feel as if this is you? Like you are in it? You are watching live and in person real life happen? Reading Nia’s stories feels like your getting pulled into an experience. An experience in which you are overwhelmed with the deep feelings her characters are going through. I feel such a connection to these characters when I read her stories because Nia is taking me there. She is grabbing my hand and saying “girl, lemme show you show you something about love”. I feel filled with her stories. She fills me up. 

Story Themes: unconventional romance, complex relationships, dramatic/emotional romance



I have Amazon Kindle Unlimited (like most of us!). And I kept seeing this same book pop up on my feed. The Carter Boys. It was one of those that stayed on that rotation over and over. And so one day, searching for something new, I decided to take a look. How could I have known that I would be pulled into the stories of these people living in Atlanta (a place I’ve never been to) and care about their stories? I would have never known then, that I would literally become obsessed with every. single. book. Desiree has written book after book after book and each and every one has pulled in even deeper than the one before. I am truly obsessed with her stories. Obsessed. She’s unconventional, raw, grimy, passionate and deep in all of her work. I have been obsessed since the Carter Boys, and I will probably stay this way until she’s done. 

Story themes: Urban fiction & romance, sci-fi & fantasy, traumatic family lineages, HBCU culture, street life

Love Belvin

download (1).jpeg

Love Belvin’s writing is too much. Too much emotions, too much character development, too much feelings, too much details, too much passion. Just too much of what people feel and what makes up life. And she’s just everything that you want in an author! The first book I read of hers was the Wayward Love series. I remember randomly finding her on my Kindle Unlimited recommendations and starting this book that I didn’t really understand, by an author I hadn’t heard of, but was curious about. I couldn’t have imagined that her stories and storytelling would consist of so much emotion. The ability to breakdown a character and tell you who they are is a skill only the gifted have. She gives you too much because that’s exactly what you need. We need all of this. A passion for stories about love and God, makes her writing incredible. 

Story themes: Black romance, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, erotica, Christian faith-based romance, athletics

Jacinta Howard


Jacinta’s stories have never ever ever ever disappointed me. I feel like her books suck me into these places where I feel concerned and connected to her characters. I don’t re-read books much because I’m always excited about what the next author’s story are, but I come back to Jacinta Howard’s books. I reread them because I want to feel all the things she puts you through as a reader, again! I want to feel the sting of disappointment and hurt again. I want to feel the doubt her characters go through and triumphs they celebrate. Her stories ranging from bff who become lovers to college students dealing with parental rejection, all speak to some part of my being. She sucks you in a takes on a journey you didn’t even know you wanted to go on. I have always loved her stories. 

Story Themes: Contemporary Black romance, music and relationships, friends to lovers, college culture


I encourage you all to check out any of these authors’ books. Trust in me that I do not steer you wrong. I could pick up ANY book by these authors, and my heart will sing. 

But I will recommend these because they’re some of my favs (if I had to pick):

Christina C Jones- Love on the Highlight Reel 

Nia Forrester –Young, Rich and Black

Desiree- For The Love of the ATL

Love Belvin- The Left of Love

Jacinta Howard-Keeping Willow

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