Black Romance for Beginners…

Black Romance for Beginners: 6 Things Every New Reader to Black Romance Should Know.

I have read many many genres. I could list them, but for what? I’m sure you get what many means. But there is no genre that I love more than Black Romance. I don’t even know who was the first Black romance author I read, but I just know that one day, I was hooked. And I wanted all my authors to be Black. And I even though I’ve read other books by non-Black authors, I know that deep in my heart, Black authors will always be my number one. 

When I first started reading this genre, I couldn’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t be into it? Like you haven’t read a book by Black authors? You are missing out!! I started this whole site because I honestly want people to #ReadMoreBooks. When people say they don’t read or can’t read, I always tell them they haven’t found their thing. Clearly, I have found mine! 

If you are new to Black Romance, let me tell you, it’s awesome! I think you should try it out because although it’s very underappreciated, the genre and authors are phenomenal.  So here’s a heads up about what this genre is about from a reader’s point of view. 

Black Romance is…Sexy.


Yup folks, I said SEXY. There is sex in much of Black Romance and its usually pretty descriptive. You’re essentially going to get a visual in your head. You’re going to read about positions, sucking, thrusting, kissing, bodily fluids, touching and more. Now some folks are not mature enough to read such material. And that’s fair. It’s ADULT reading. Your 15-year-old daughter should not be reading legit Black Romance novels. To keep it real, Coldest Winter Ever is not appropriate for your 15-year-old. Say what you want, but where is the lie?? Winter was a wild girl!! And still, there is a necessary level of comfort with yourself that you need to have to read adult material and not be fazed by it. It’s just like nudity in a movie. Sure for some, it’s awkward, but for the most part its art. The sex scenes are not to make you read the book, they’re there because its a part of the story. And in real life, there is sex. Reading it is no big deal. 

Black Romance is…Hood.


There are various genres within Black romance. Friends to Lovers, Enemies to Lovers, Science Fiction, Christian Romance and more. But one of the most popular ones is Urban Fiction or what I like to call, Hood Romance. In these types of books, there are gangs, vulgar language, violence, drug use/abuse, mafias, and high-crimes. This is the type of book that gives you a peek at the lives of the criminal underworld. Just like these books can be fun, hun-ey, when you’re not “about that life” it is super entertaining to read about it. These hood dramas have all the tea! You root for the gangster/thug, you cuss him out for how he treats his girl, you get mad when he gets caught or goes to jail. Reading about these criminal organizations or “thug” life is very interesting and is always highly entertaining. 

Black Romance is…Deep.


I have never had such a deep visceral reaction to a story until I started reading Black romance. These stories go so deep into a person’s psyche that you feel like you’re in the stories living it alongside the characters. Some authors are so good at telling a story that you begin to invest greatly in the stories of the characters you’re reading. You root for them like they’re family. You hope that they win. You get sad when they get hurt or die. You feel overwhelmed by their journeys. You wonder what they’re lives are like after the book is done. Reading a good Black romance novel will have you deep into your feelings experiencing someone’s story. 


Black Romance is…Tragic

There is an author whose books I’ve stopped reading because she killed off the main character. I was de-vas-ta-ted. I was so invested in the story and the couple’s romantic relationship, that when she died? I was shocked. I honestly felt like I couldn’t trust the author to write another story and not hurt me. Dramatic? I know I am. But that’s how good the book was! That’s how good Black authors are. Black romance is not all lovey-dovey, there is real life sh*t going on. And when the story is written well, it can suck you in and completely hurt your feelings. 

Black Romance is…Fun


I have so much fun when I’m reading Black romance. Especially when you read the romantically fun stories. An author I can think of is Phyllis Bourne who’s most recent books “Feud” and “Jinx” are romantic comedies with Black characters. But even when they’re not romantic comedies, there is a level of fun, shock, and humor that happens in each story. Sometimes, people’s drama is fun. You get to take a break from your own stuff and read about someone else’s stuff, and that mess is fun! Drama is fun. Someone is caught cheating and he’s chased down with a knife? Hilarious! A woman is faking a pregnancy to get her ex back? Dra-muh! Seeing your ex and he’s looking hella fine? The Tea!! Black romance is fun!

Black Romance is…Love


Love. At the end of the day, Black Romance is about love. And while the stories will have twists and turns, drama, trauma and sometimes tragedies, its core is about love. These are stories about individuals coming together and building. Sometimes that love is forever and sometimes temporary. Other times it’s toxic but mostly it’s perfectly imperfect. Good Black romance novels make me feel good about life’s journeys and all the peaks and valleys. They make me feel connected to the lives and experiences of people I’d never know. Black romance is love. 

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