Ashley’s Top 3 Audiobooks

I first started listening to audiobooks when I moved to San Diego from LA. I absolutely hate driving long distances and I was desperate to have something to keep me occupied for the two-hour drive. My car, at the time, did not have Bluetooth. And if you’ve ever visited San Diego, you’d know that the radio station selection out here is pretty much trash. And because the signal is terrible, my radio transmitter was useless. So I randomly signed up for Audible to see if that would help make my two hour drives less terrible. Turns out, I was right! Since then, I have purchased many audiobooks and have added it to my repertoire of stories. Now I’ve become just as bougie with my audiobooks as I am with my printed books. I have authors I only listen to on audio and narrators I know will do an excellent job at storytelling. (Anything narrated by Cary Hite is GOLD!!) 

So if you’re looking to get into audiobooks, know that many are long series with multiple books. So here are three of my favs audiobooks (so far):

“Black Privilege” by Charlamagne tha God


I’m a fan of the breakfast club. And so when I kept hearing about Charlamagne’s new book I was initially skeptical. I honestly didn’t feel like there was anything I need to learn from Charlamagne. But the nosey in me told me to try it out. And considering that he narrates the books, I figured it would be cool. 

His book pushed me to develop this blog, my social media accounts, and to sorta go after this venture. I have a tendency to have ideas, but never really put in the work to get them done. And so when I listened to his book, essentially telling me to get my sh*t together and go after what I want, I listened. Every self-doubt or excuse I give myself for not trying to do new things, he dispelled. Every notion of why to not try he pushed back. It’s crazy to think that Charlamagne inspired me to go after something. So if you’re looking for a blend of “get your life together” and “trust me I’ve been through some sh*t”, take a listen. I’m so glad I did! 

“The Family Business” Series by Carl Weber


Carl Weber has been around for a long time. I definitely consider him to be one of the OG of this “urban fiction” game. His stories are prolific and his writing is engaging. And the really great thing about his work is that it is really really good! In my search for good audiobooks, I ran across The Family Business. As usual, a seemingly good synopsis will make me curious enough to buy. And since Audible has a return policy that’s pretty good, I figured I could return it if I didn’t like it. The Family Business is tha Business!! The stories of the Duncan family has so many layers and so many angles, I am in love! The series has about 7 or 8 books so far and they’re all excellent! The drama and tea make me listen to the stories even when I’m not driving! If I had to recommend an audiobook, this series is definitely in my top two! 

“The Cartel” Series by Ashley and Jaquavis


The Cartel series is one of thee best “urban fiction” series ever. If you know a little bit about Ashley and Jaquavis, you know that their stories center around the urban experience in Michigan. They tell people, like you and me, about a gritty yet glamorous type of life.  With the Cartel series, you get every single detail of the making a drug empire. We learn the designs of a hood empire with all the highs and the lows. It is such great storytelling! I listened to all SEVEN of the audiobooks, and I was left with a plethora of emotions. I was happy, sad, frustrated and hopeful. I’m sad that the series end, but it was worth every minute! 

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