Ashley’s Fav Books of 2019!

Hey folks! Happy 2020!! I have read some AMAZING books in 2019. And I just wanted to share my own personal list of books that I read that I just really enjoyed! So in NO PARTICULAR ORDER, here is my 2019 list of 19 favs!

  1. The Collide Series by Millie Belizaire
  2. Courtship: A ‘Snowflake’ Novel by Nia Forrester
  3. Trust Issues by Danielle James
  4. Seven Minutes in Heaven by Elle Kayson
  5. Hoodwinked by Desiree
  6. Unapologetically Me by Danesha Little
  7. Displacement by Alexandra Warren
  8. Hook Shot by Kennedy Ryan
  9. Slipped Up in Love by Ashley Nicole
  10. Just For One Night by A. Jones
  11. Bad Boys Love Good Girls 2: The Return of Outlaw by Porscha Sterling
  12. I Think I Might Love You by Christina C. Jones
  13. Rookie Mistake by Danesha Little
  14. Loving Cassie by Jacinta Howard
  15. Rhyme and Reason by Nia Forrester
  16. Wait For Your Love by Ashley Nicole
  17. The Pattels: Hawk & Raven II by S.K. Hardy
  18. Wonder by Christina C. Jones
  19. Set by Alexandria House

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