The Garden of Eden by Millie Belizaire

Layers. That's one of the ways that I would describe this book.

Layers. That’s one of the ways that I would describe this book.

My favorite books are the ones that pull and push at me. The ones that are complex, the ones that make me think about these characters when I’m doing something else…those are the ones that I love the most.

Funny story. I was on Facebook, and in one of the many book pages I’m on, someone recommended this book. I find that I most enjoy those little gems. The ones that are by authors I’ve never heard of; books I haven’t heard anyone mention. And then in the comments, someone said something like, if you read this book you should read the series before to really get this one. And I was immediately intrigued. So I went and read the series before this book, the Collied Series, and I really enjoyed it. Its three books and then there’s a Christmas special. So, to be honest, I felt content in my Millie Belizaire books. But then, I followed her on insta, and she followed me back. And she was like, sis, I know we just followed each other, but check out my next book. So then me, being the person I am, I was like, bet. So here I am, on my (technically) 5th Millie book. #noregrets


In The Garden of Eden, we have Eden. A world-famous pop star, mega-hit artist who is killin it in every aspect of the game. But no shocker, it’s lonely at the top. And when she randomly jumps into a stranger’s car thinking its an uber, you know she’s at a place where life is redirecting you. You know those moments when you’ve found yourself where you didn’t intend to be, but somehow you were always supposed to go in that direction? This is Eden’s moment. And it’s at this moment she meets Drew.


Drew is a our non-believer preacher’s kid. Imagine being the (fine!) son of mega preacher and you don’t believe in God? How? Tragedy, that’s how. When Katrina took Drew’s mother, it also took his faith. And in addition to his faith, it took his ability to commit and love. Its safer to not get too close, because if you lose someone, its easier when you never really cared in the first place.

Okay so now those are the “pieces” to this story. Lonely pop star meets non-believer preacher. Super random, but somehow oh so perfect. In this tale of a faith-less preacher and lonely pop star, we have a really beautiful story of love. With its mess and hardships but unyielding connections and deep deep intimacy, this is how it should be. You should meet someone who you connect with on all levels, that makes no one else even a possibility. When sex doesn’t matter cause your connection is already next level. When the love begins and ends with you. When resistance is futile. And I love love love the resistance is futile stories. Like, boy just give in already!! 

Overall, I really enjoyed The Garden of Eden. It’s a well-developed novel, full of all the emotions and turmoil of love. There is tons of drama, passion and heartbreak. There’s an underlying sense of sadness that kinda follows Drew and Eden that’s almost palpable. Yet and still, its a really beautiful love story with all the parts that make me love romance novels. One of the things that I really enjoyed was the intimacy developed between Drew and Eden. Reading their story made me realize that that’s how it’s supposed to be. You’re supposed to build a connection that transcends everything. Because at the end of the day, when you got each other in a way that you don’t have to explain to each other, nothing even matters. You don’t have to say what’s already understood.


About the Author:

Forever a South Florida girl, Millie Belizaire has a thrill for the exciting (and a little of the weird), unnecessarily sped up music, and painting. Most of the time, however, she can be found tucked in her cozy lair typing away at her laptop. A storyteller to the bone, she finds no greater joy than sharing her tales of love, of action, of pain, and of life.

Instagram: @MillieBelizaire

Twitter: @MillieBelizaire

*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. But y’all already know I don’t write these reviews out of obligation. And a free copy isn’t going to make me positively review a book I think it trash. #periodt 

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