Ashley’s Highly Recommended Reads!

Sometimes I just want to know for sure that I'm gonna enjoy myself...

As I’m sure you know, I’m a big reader, especially of Black romance. Sometimes folks ask me about books that I’ve read and I always want to share books that I know for a fact are excellent! So I’ve decided that it would be cool, to every once in a while, share out some of my highly recommended reads. It’ll be an on-going list of books that I’ve read, with a brief reason why I would highly recommend it. The goal is to share every now and then books that I have LOVED. So here are some of my highly recommended reads, I hope that when you’re looking for something to read, you’ll look through these posts and find something good! So in no particular order…

Wayward Love by Love Belvin *college to adult romance

First book series I read by Love Belvin and I was hooked!! The characters were unconventional, and their relationship drama was SO GOOD. Yall, I was like a feen on this book series. I love Kennedy and Issac. They were just perfect

Keeping Willow by Jacinta Howard *college romance

You should already know that I’m obsessed with this series, but Keeping Willow in particular. I think is a combination of them and the way the story is written. It has a lot of flashback and flashforward that makes the story really cool! You get to see how they got together while also learning about why they’re apart. So good!! 

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