Ashley’s Highly Recommended Reads!

Sometimes I just want to know for sure that I'm gonna enjoy myself...

Seasons of Fidelity by Takerra Allen

I don’t even know how or why I picked this book up, but OMG wow. It’s one of those books that is so emotionally fat! Lol. You know what I mean?! Like just all this emotional turmoil is going on and it just kept me at the edge of my seat. Although this is book one of three (the series just finished), you read this book, and you want more. Imagine your ex/bd gets out of jail and you’ve moved on. And here he comes looking all fine and buff. Gurrrrl good luck! This one was just everything! 

Bad Boys Do It Better by Porscha Sterling  *urban romance

So I’m a good girl. I follow the rules. I obey regulations. I do not like getting in trouble. So for me, I just loved that Janelle, the ultimate good girl, falls for an Outlaw!!?? Girl, what is you doing?? And Luke was this hard, rough, rugged man that was like the ultimate no-no. He’s the dude that you look at other women and are like, girl you about to RUIN YO LIFE!! But then you are women. You about to ruin yo life!! Yup, I was obsessed. This is book one of FIVE! And its one of the few series that I’ve re-read. Love this one. 

The Pattels by S.K. Hardy

In the theme of “When good girls love bad boys” this one is another one. In this one, the ADA falls for one of the highest-ranking members of a mafia family. And I honestly, couldn’t be even mad at ole girl. She never stood a chance. It was over the moment they had that eye stare down thing. I was reading it and I wanted to be like, “Sis, just give in already!” But then I was like, “Naw, make that n*gga suffer!” And the good thing about it that she’s a strong woman. She knows who she is and what she wants, but this man right here is causing PROBLEMS. Ooooh weee. I love this one! 

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