The Hale Girls by Ashley Nicole

A tale of three sisters and their complicated love lives!

If you’re looking for a cute fun read. Check out Ashley Nicole’s recently completed novella series on the Hale Girls. The Hale Girl series is a three-book series about three sisters, Joseph, Reggie, and Logan. 

You read that right, sisters with boys’ names! You see, their father wanted a girl each time his wife was pregnant. And as a sort of consolation prize, they gave each girl a boy’s name. Cray, yes! 

So in this story, we get the pleasure of getting to know the crazy and wild stories of three sisters, who are super family orientated, really loving, but definitely crazy.

A Sweet Heart: 

In A Sweet Heart, we meet Joey, the baby sister and clearly the wild one of the bunch. She’s the one with the big natural hair, short temper, and big mouth. In her story, Joey meets a client who’s basically her complete opposite. This guy is giving off nerdy boy vibes. And there’s just something about Shane’s whole vibe that puts Joey on edge. So much so, that she ends up cussin out a client! But the crazy thing is, he gave just as good she did. Nerdy boy was not takin her sh*t. 

In a case of opposites attract, this is not your regular type of connection. I really enjoyed reading Joey’s story because she is HILARIOUS!! She’s wild and out of control. Her filter is trash, and I love it! 

A Locked Heart:

In  A Locked Heart, we get to meet middle sister Reggie. Reggie is that quintessential middle sister. She’s loud and raunchy sometimes, but definitely empathetic a sensitive at others. She’s the emotionally balanced one of the three. And in her story, she links back up with childhood bestie Cru, who’s been living out of state for a couple of years. He’d always been her close confidant, but I guess you could say, a lack of communication drew them apart. 

So when he comes back into town and in someways asserts his interest in her, Reggie is completely thrown off. And I totally get it! Its awkward when someone you saw as a buddy is kinda feeling you! Knowing me, I would be just like Reggie…awkward as hell! I wouldn’t know what to say or how to act! And then with Reggie’s past relationships and own traumas, backtracking into a relationship with someone you considered a friend can be too much. I get Reggie, cause of the three, she is me!! 

A Loyal Heart: 

Now of all the three sisters, Logan is probably the most emotionally all over the place. See what I loved throughout the whole series is that we learn about Logan’s marriage troubles through Joey’s and Reggie’s stories. And it isn’t until her book that we find out wtf the problem is! 

Logan and her husband Reed have been together since they were teenagers. They’ve basically had a beautiful love story. And it isn’t until recently that sh*t has hit the fan. Logan and Reed are clearly having some relationship issues, but Logan is the only one who knows what they are! Yes, Reed is in the dark about what the hell is going on with his crazy af wife. He’s trying but Logan is a piece of work. And even her sisters said, if they divorce, they’re taking Reed’s side. They love him that much! 

Once we finally find out what was going on, its such a great way to wrap up the series. I loooove Ashley Nicole’s writing, and I recently noticed that I have read ALL of her books! I really loved this novella series because it was really cute. And I’m super excited for the next Mason book *wink wink*.

I definitely recommend checking out this series! It’s a cute and fun read. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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About Ashley Nicole

I fell in love with literature at a very young age. Reading has always been my go to activity. Before E-books, I wouldn’t go anywhere without making sure I had a book to read. Then I decided I wanted to be the one who wrote the books that I constantly found myself purchasing. Writing was the easy part. It was all that came along with writing that was difficult for me.I finally got over that hump and here I am: a published author. As long as the characters are talking to me, I’ll continue to write their stories…

To check out the series, start here…

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