Meet Ashley!

Hi folks! I’ve definitely gotten a couple of new followers and wanted to say, hey y’all!!

I’m Ashley and I’m the CEO, CFO, COO of!

I’ve been a huge reader since I learned how to read and love talking about the stories I’ve read with others. I actually created this whole platform just so that I could talk to other people about books. 

What is

This is a site for book lovers! If you are a fan of reading books and love stories by Black folks, then this is the place for you! Here I provide you with reviews, reflection posts, and soon to come, Author Spotlights, videos and some really fun extras that are on the way! 😉

But some background info:

I went to college at the best college ever, UCLA! 

I got my Bachelor and Master degrees there.

Then I went to USC for my doctorate (EdD!).

If you wonder who I root for, I’m a BRUIN FOR LIFE!! 

Since then, I’ve worked in higher education for over 11 years, and for the past 6.5 years I’ve been a director of a Black student center. So the Black experience is at the center of my work and what I read!

What do I read?

I just love, LOVE! Romance is definitely my genre of choice, but I do really love stories about Black people. I’ll read books by other cultures and communities too, but Black stories are my favorite. I also love fantasy, sci-fi, autobiographies, and self-help. If the writing is good, I’m down to read most things! 

I’m a really big fan of Black indie books. It’s some of the best writing I read!

So what’s next? 

I have a business in the works! I don’t have a name for it yet, but when I do, I’ll be sharing much more of the details and would LOVE to have your support! And of course, it involves BOOKS! Also, I’m working HARD at creating better and more content for you!! 

THANK YOU for supporting me! 

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