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New Book New Author!

I’m doing something a bit new! I’m sharing the work of new authors to hopefully introduce you to someone new! Who knows, you may fall in love with their work. So kicking off this new series, called New Book New Author is:

Shannon Fersner

Shannon Fersner is a Storyteller, Author, Podcast host and Content Creator. She has published four books all available on Amazon. She enjoys reading, music, karaoke, and being a plant mom.

Eyes Don’t Lie

Rose Dahlia Macklin is a Best-Selling Author who has suffered several losses in her life. After struggling to overcome them she decided being alone, writing, and traveling would be her destiny. She didn’t want love or anything to do with it until she made eye contact with the irresistible Kaylen Carter. Kaylen Carter knew from the moment their eyes connected he would do whatever to get and keep her. Their journey to forever was perfect until they were face with the unthinkable. Will they be able to use what connected them to get to their forever or will the windows to their souls close for good.

Book Genre: Romance & Urban Fiction

To get in touch with Shannon find her on Instagram at @Shannonfersner

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