The Movement is Now

We are living in the wildest of times! As an “Early Millennials” I thought I had seen it all! The Rodney King Trial, LA Riots, 9/11, Virginia Tech shooting, the creation of social media, Barack Obama election, and gay marriage is legalized. Living through history has felt like a rollercoaster. And then we got COVID-19. This has transformed us in ways we probably could have never had anticipated. But then…there was the murder by cop of George Floyd in Minnesota. Our WORLD has now been changed in ways I couldn’t have ever anticipated.

As a Black woman living in America, I’ve never been naive to the realities of our country. It is dangerous to be Black in America. To give so much of ourselves to a country who would claim that we don’t matter is painful. Not because we need validation, but because we are literally dying on the streets of America. Black people are dying. And it seems like no one cares. How could you not care? We are human beings! We live, we cry, we laugh, we pray, we hope, we fail, we succeed, we win. And yet and still, you don’t seem to care that we are human.

So when you wonder why Black people are so angry, or why we’re so resistant, it because we’ve experienced centuries of persecution. And we are tired. We are exhausted. But not too tired to fight back. We are not too tired to resist.

This is the moment that our ancestors fought for. This is the moment that they have prayed for. This is the moment that they trained us for. This is one of the many moments in which we will fight for our true liberation.

And while the noise may die down, or it may “go away” please do not get comfortable in thinking that we will stop fighting. Because that is simply not an option.

I along with many celebrate and fight for us, not just now, but always. Hence this Black AF platform, with these hella Black books and authors!  

Now while we work together to create a new normal, a buddy read has started that I think we can all partake in to learn more on the issues that plague our society. So if you have the time and energy and desire. You can read or listen to Stamped From the Beginning.  It is free to listen on Spotify and it’s available to purchase on Amazon or one of many Black Owned Book Stores.

Do not limit yourselves to this one book as there are many more available for further knowledge. And there are a plethora of genres of Black books that beautifully depict the Black experience. Read all the Black Books!!

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