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New Book, New Author: Phoenix Ash

Our next New Book New Author is Phoenix Ash!!

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Phoenix Ash writes African American Fiction covering the genres of Black Romance and Urban Drama. Each cinematic telling dives into hearts and emerges with revelations.

Phoenix’s Latest Release is called Delectable!!

Check out the synopsis:

Joi Briar despises Thursdays. Each one reminds her of her gut-wrenching, soul-clearing, crown-snatched heartbreak. If it weren’t for the piece of heaven she found in the slices of chocolate cake served by a local boutique cafe and the morning wake up calls from her older sister, she’d keep her head under covers and drown in her days. That is, until the one day she enters the bake shop and meets a new kind of sweet. The kind that wakes her in the morning, infects her thoughts during the day, and feasts on her body at night.

Officer Nile Ledger is as handsome and determined as they come. He’s on a mission to help heal the city of its strained relationship between community members and the police department. Not everyone, however, is on board with his idea of taking care of his people. But when he lays eyes on a woman whose mere glance carves her image onto his heart, he seeks her confirmation and finds himself swimming in her depths.

Take the journey with Joi and Nile as they fall into the deep. Stand behind them as they fight off their past lives for a chance at togetherness. Heal with them as they face fears, overcome danger, and throw caution to the wind for a taste of sugar.

Book Genre: Romance

Want to connect with Phoenix?? Check out her website:

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