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New Book New Author: Kym Chappell

Next up in our New Book New Author Series is Kym Chappell!!

Kym Chappell 44, currently resides in Dallas, Texas. She’s the mother of two young adults. She does her best writing while on vacation. Taking in different sites and exploring different cities.

Kym’s most recent work is called So What!

Check out the synopsis:

Life is a journey of experiences and lessons.

Explore the lives of five women, diving into each of their unique worlds of laughter, tears, losses and achievements. Living their lives from 0 to 100.

When they are forced to stop and pay attention to everything going on around them, ugly realities are revealed. Unexpected secrets are disclosed, and ulterior motives are exposed?

Can the ladies make it through these hard times? Will there longtime friend crumble?

Buckle up for a roller coaster of a read in So What!

Book Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Women’s Fiction

To connect with Kym, reach out to her on social media

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